Val McCallum
Val McCallum was born in Los Angeles in 1963. His dad bought him his first electric guitar at age seven from the thrifty drug store in Beverly Hills. It was a Japanese made Tiesco Del Rey. It was by far the sexiest thing he had ever seen except for Ursula Andress's breasts and yes, he really did see those. really.

This photo was taken at his first gig with The McCallum Brothers band at Walton High School in 1971. Val's brother Paul attended Walton High as well as the entire Jackson Five who were all in the audience that day. Michael helped Val set up the chairs in the auditorium for the day's festivities. Val went on to play in various bands around LA in his teens until getting his first pro recording gig working with Harry Nilsson in the early eighties on various projects.

Currently a member of Jackson Browne's band, Val has also toured or recorded with such notables as Shelby Lynne, Willie Nelson, Bonnie Raitte, Sheryl Crow, Natalie Merchant, Seal, The Wallflowers, Joan Osborne, Ron Sexsmith and many more.